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No Turn on Red November 16, 2009

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It was a warm San Diego day.  One of those days when I had the radio blaring, the windows down as the wind rushed over my face, and just enjoying life.  As I exited the freeway I stopped at the turn signal, made my right hand turn and as I did the flashing lights from an police offices car caught my attention.   What did I do?  My heart was beating fast and my breath was shallow.  It was a deer in the headlight moment.  As I looked through my windshield I realized that I had made the cardinal NO TURN ON RED mistake.  Darn it!!!  From flying on the clouds to reality in 0.1 seconds. The officer turned on the siren for good measure as I pulled over.  As he walked up to my window I had a couple of choices to make, tell the truth or lie to try and get out of it?  I handed him my license and insurance card while letting him know that I missed the very large NO TURN ON RED sign. Sitting there waiting for the officer to return the only thing I could think about was how much is this going to cost me?  Have you been here before? Time dragged on as I sat there waiting for my ticket.  The officer returned, but instead of a ticket he gave me a warning.

There are times in our married lives when we take a NO TURN ON RED. Maybe viewing pornography, hiding a credit card from your spouse, lying about your whereabouts, or texting a co-worker of the opposite sex too much.  These behaviors drive a wedge between us and our spouse.  And then one day when we are flying high you have a NO TURN ON RED moment, not on the road, but at home.  We get caught!  The lights are flashing, our heart begins to beat faster, as our breath becomes shallow, and we realize that we’ve made a mistake.  We’ve hurt the one we love the most.

At this moment you have a choice, lie or tell the truth.  I have had to make that choice on the road and at home.  The times I’ve been up front and honest with Alisa have stretched me and helped us grow in our marriage.  It’s like a warning from the police officer.  You don’t pay a fine or go to court, but you get a second chance at making it right.

What’s your NO TURN ON RED moment?