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I Resolve To… January 1, 2010

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2010 is here and if you are like most people you have thought about your New Year’s Resolution, if not actually making a resolution.

Not surprisingly the top 2 resolutions center on fitness and finance. Why do you think so many gyms see a spike in membership right after the holidays? And with debt from the holidays looming, many say, time and again, that this is the year that they take control of their finances.

These are two excellent subjects for resolutions but what about adding one more, one that really should go before the other two.

This year I resolve to put my relationship with my husband/wife as my #1 priority. I am going to choose my spouse over all of the other “stuff”. This is not to say that you can’t have hobbies or do things without your spouse. Please!  Can you imagine if I told Tony that he couldn’t ride his bike? For those of you who don’t know, Tony is an avid road cyclist who averages about 6000 miles per year. And if I didn’t get out for some me time, YIKES!

What I’m saying is that by choosing to put your spouse first all of the other resolutions will fall into place.  If your relationship is the priority then you will want to look good physically for both of you.  You will also want to be on the same page financially whether it’s getting out of debt or saving for that special trip for the two of you.   Finances are one of the top causes of marital struggles.  Resolve to make your spouse a priority and work through the financial issues in your relationship.

Now that you know what I’m resolving for 2010…what is your New Year’s Resolution?