Champions of Extraordinary Marriages

Friday the 13th… November 21, 2009

Last Friday was a great Friday the 13th…It was my day to Take the Lead and I did, Tony had no decisions to make.

I made reservations at a restaurant we had never tried before, Cafe Luna.  From the moment we walked in the service was superb and the atmosphere was fantastic.   A very intimate setting it was perfect for a night just the two of us.  Our server, Jamie, was incredibly friendly and helpful.  She even offered to take the picture of us.Date Night

Jamie listed off the specials of the day and left us to contemplate dinner.  I decided on the Ravioli Con Noci and Tony had the Flat Iron Steak with Chipotle Rice.  Both meals were amazing.

It was great just to sit and enjoy the slower pace of a meal by ourselves, taking the time to just enjoy each other’s company.  And I have to say that it’s amusing to me that Tony is now the one who photographs the food so that you  can enjoy seeing our dinners.

Dinner was followed by a desert, Chocolate Decadence.  WOW!!!  A lightly baked dark chocolate confection with pineapple creme fraiche and strawberries around the plate.  For those of you that don’t know, I love chocolate and this dessert had just the right balance of flavors.

After dinner we spent the evening at Borders and at Kohls shopping together, something we really only get to enjoy when the kids are at the sitter.

In addition to discovering Cafe Luna I also found the website Coupon Cabin to get a discount gift certificates for the restaurant.  It was an amazing deal.  For only $7 we were able to purchase a $25 gift certificate.  Net savings $18 for a meal we were already going to eat.  Since then I’ve found deals were you can get the gift certificate for even less.  Check it out and enjoy your date night.

Tell us about one of your more memorable date nights.



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